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Monstrous By Design
- First Gear -
The first official release from
Mizlabeled Epix.


Awesome Sauce!

The Year is 2030 and America has changed, A LOT. There has been a female president elected and new legislation passed outlawing bullets and therefore guns and all other munitions. The country has since become a country where Death is a corporate commodity. Murder Inc. has evolved into the Assassination Corporation and everyone is a target for the right price...

Meet Victer the 2nd best employee at one of the leading ProtoUnit MarksGame Corporation (the assassination branch of their business field).

Whoever has the most money and hires the right team will get the results they want no matter what the cost. However one day Victer fails to complete his assignment, the penalty for all assassins that fail to complete their mission is death.

In the span of one week, Victer will have his entire world turned upside down as he struggles for survival, Victer must uncover the truth behind who and what he really is. Old Friends and Comrades appear and its hard to tell whose side they are on until they start trying to kill you.

Memories and Lies mix. Death beckons from every shadow. In a city where a peaceful exterior belittles the unseen dangers, Victer and his Friends will have to fight to find the Truth, but will it be their salvation or destruction?

To Find out, Read Volume One of Monstrous By Design: First Gear.
Mission Accepted!

Reasons to Buy
Monstrous By Design

  • Present
    Know someone that likes Anime or Manga or Comics or Video Games? They will love this.
  • Decoration
    With Colorful illustrations adorning the exterior no matter where you place it will add a spash of color, plus its shiny. Also fool others into thinking you actually read for leisure and have artsy taste.
  • Weapon
    Weighing in at around 2 lbs. putting this in a book bag or satchel makes for a deadliy enhancement to your personal carry all.
  • Paper weight
    Too many papers to file? Just use this hefty tome to weigh down papers not yet filed.
  • Smart Phone Prop
    need to watch your phone hands free and cant find a good spot to prop? use the book its so think it works great.
  • Fly Swatter
    No Fly wishes this on his enemies.
  • Door Stop
    Pesky door wont sit still? Wedge this book under the door and it will stop that door dead in its tracks.
  • Trend Setting
    be one of the first people to read & own it!
  • Ice Breaker, Coffee Table, Toilet Time
    Wherever you place this book it is sure to draw attention and spark conversation or otherwise provide hours of self entertainment.
Locally Grown & 50% Organic

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